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Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Houston

A blocked dryer vent is very hazardous and expensive. Dust build up over time and decrease your dryer’s competence and put you at risk of a fire. By having a specialized Indoor dryer vent cleaner you can reduce the danger to your home and the money you spend on energy bills.
Don’t take chances with your family’s safety! Call for Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston experts at Best Air Duct Cleaning Houston today.

Dryer vents are not something that most of us pay a lot of attention to. In fact most people very rarely have them cleaned. If you have a few people around the house, if you are active, or simply wash a lot of clothes and bedding, we suggest you get your dryer vents cleaned twice per year.  Best Air Duct Cleaning Houston provides Dryer vent cleaning Houston service that helps your dryer run more safely, as well as efficiently.
A regular dryer vent cleaning will also expand the life of your dryer in our experience with cleanings, we have seen dryers over working, and in some cases close to breaking down because of clogging vents that have went untreated for a very long period of time.
The most efficient tools to clean your vents is used by us.  It’s not unusual to clean vents 20 and longer, with our specialized tools in Houston TX.

Energy Effectiveness

When trying to decrease energy, the consumption of your appliances use is something you must pay attention to. There are so many things we can do around the house that can make observable differences lower energy consumption, and decrease our utility payments, and professional Dryer vent cleaning Houston is one of them.
The life of your dryer is increased and less electricity is used when your vents are clean which of course makes it a sensible dryer vent cleaning service for those who care about the environment as well as the extra costs associated with the dryer taking twice as long as normal. Call us now to get the best and affordable Dryer Vent Cleaning service and we assure the best cleaning service in Houston Texas.

Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

    • Good Dryer Performance
    • Longer Dryer Existence
    • Dryer Clothes
    • Reduced Energy Costs
    • Cleaner Air

Our Cleaning Process

During the cleaning process of a dryer vent, our capable professional will use a rotating vacuum brush to clear any debris that is blocking the vent. Using the vacuum, they will get into very nook and gap to remove lint and other fire hazards that have built up in the duct.
Having a professional clean this tubing is recommended to ensure everything is removed and the duct is fully clean. There may be some trash remaining by an inexperienced eye. This thorough cleaning will not only stop fires but it will keep your unit working properly far longer than without it.
After the duct is clean, they technician will perform an inspection to make sure everything is safe and in working order. If you are ready to schedule an appointment, call us today.
We will at that time offer you solutions to have the Dryer vent installation, repair or replace and the choice is yours if you decide to proceed with the recommended service.

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Chuck O. Johnson

Technical support specialist

From designing through to installation and ongoing maintenance, everyone at Best Air Duct Cleaning Houston has been excellent for the entire period of trouble free operation. I can thoroughly recommend this Company.

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Teaching Assistant

I love my air conditioning and trust these guys to maintain it in fully working order. They are reliable, punctual, and neat, and I recommend Best Air Duct Cleaning Houston without reservation.

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