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Sewage Cleanup Service Houston

We are here to help with any blockage within your drainage system. Whether it’s a simple standard unblock or a deep rooted problem, our fully equipped trucks with the latest technology will clear your Sewage problem.
Making use of high-pressure water jetting, our drainage engineers can skillfully clean and unblock your drains to ensure they are free flowing.

  • Sewer cleaning
  • Emergency blockage clearing

Sewage Cleanup Houston Professionals are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our Skilled Sewage Cleanup specialists with professional training and equipment can safely restore your home or business.
Following a sewage spillage the first call should be to Best Air Duct Cleaning Houston for Sewage Cleanup Houston Services where we can provide instant assistance. Our emergency sewage cleaning specialists can answer at short notice and make a thorough assessment of the damaged area.

Sewage Cleanup and Restoration
Call us for sewage clean up Houston service after sewage damage and keeping you safe and secure. After an initial assessment, our skilled sewage cleanup team use proficient equipment to extract sewage and water, then dry out the entire area. We will remove the affected materials, sanitize and purify, prevent mold, freshen, and restore your home or office to its original condition.

Sewage and Water Extraction
After our early estimation, we remove sewage and water from the affected areas. For larger sewage backups, we will pump out the affected area. For smaller jobs, we may use vacuums to suck up sewage and water. Depending on the particular damage, sewage and water extraction may take place after removal and disposal.

Removal and Disposal
After examine the damage and remove materials that cannot be restored. This may include structural materials like plaster, drywall, carpeting, ceilings, and carpet padding as well as personal items contaminated by sewage, some personal items like furniture may need to be discarded as well.

Dry Out
After disposing of materials that cannot be restored, we use professional grade air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out areas and materials that can be salvaged. We at Best Air Duct Cleaning Houston personally examine our equipment to ensure the fastest drying time possible and to avoid further damage. Dry out may take numerous days depending on the level of the damage.

Sanitize, Disinfect, and Deodorize
Once the area is dry, we thoroughly deodorize, sanitize, and disinfect the area to eliminate smells and prevent the growth of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and mold. In addition to structural materials like flooring, walls, and ceiling, we can also sanitize and deodorize materials that were salvageable.

The last step to sewage cleanup and restoration is rebuilding and restoring the area to its original condition. This may include hanging new drywall, laying new carpeting, and installing new cabinets. It may be essential to replace damaged appliances or may be fix structural issues with your property as well.
Let us give you peace of mind in an emergency. With our quick response time, our compassionate and dependable specialists will clean up your disaster fast! We don’t just bring back your home or office, we restore your life.

Categories of  Contaminated Water
Water is broken down into three categories based upon the health risks associated with that source. A sewage backup is considered in 3 categories: it poses a major health risk to humans and pets.

Category 1 – Clean Water
Clean water does not pose a substantial threat to humans and pets. This includes leak or broken supply lines and overflowing bathtubs and sinks and.

Category 2 – Grey Water
Grey water contains chemical, physical or biological contaminants that may cause worry or sickness in humans and pets. Examples include leak, sump pump failures, malfunctioning dishwashers, overflowing washing machines and toilet overflows containing only urine.

Category 3 – Black Water
Black water is grossly unsanitary and contains damaging bacteria and fungi that may cause severe discomfort or sickness in humans and pets. Sewage backups, toilet overflows contain feces, and flood waters from lakes, seas, rivers, streams, or ground surface water are the most common examples. Grey water that is not promptly removed may become black water if allowed to remain stagnant within your home or property.

Regular drain cleaning will keep your drains dilemma free for longer, helping to keep things flowing smoothly by removing small debris before it’s had time to build into a blockage – which, depending on the situation of the blockage, may be time-consuming and expensive to remove.

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We had a damp and damaged floor in our utility room. Several other companies came out and could not work out was was going wrong. I called Best Air Duct Cleaning Houston for Water Damage service and within 30 minutes they had identified the source of the leak and 24 hours later I was given a full report with the various options available to me. I agreed to the work and 48 hours later it was completed. Great job!”

Chuck O. Johnson

Technical support specialist

From designing through to installation and ongoing maintenance, everyone at Best Air Duct Cleaning Houston has been excellent for the entire period of trouble free operation. I can thoroughly recommend this Company.

Ronald D. Gibson

Teaching Assistant

I love my air conditioning and trust these guys to maintain it in fully working order. They are reliable, punctual, and neat, and I recommend Best Air Duct Cleaning Houston without reservation.

Thomas N. Drummond

Painting restorer

I genuinely really enjoy my visits and calls with the Air Conditioning Company. It’s a very welcoming, friendly and customer service orientated business with good kit and competitive prices. I use them every year for event hire.

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Real property assessor

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