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Crawl Space Service Houston

Your home is a system, and every part of that system plays a role that affects the rest of the structure. When you noticed crawl space begins to rot, grow mold or experience structural problems, this will extend to every part of your home or property. You have to call us today to get our affordable and professional crawl space service in your local area Houston Texas.
At Best Air Duct Cleaning Houston, we specialize in crawl space problems of all types. We offer most reliable, professional and efficient Crawl Space Services in Houston Texas.

Symptoms of a Crawl Space:

  • Drywall Cracks in the Interior
  • Uneven Floors
  • Foul Odors in the Home
  • Heightened Allergies or Asthma Symptoms

Crawl Space Repair
We will facilitate you to avoid unnecessary repairs, create a better living space, and save money on your utility bills. In case you’re having a problem with your crawl space, you’ve come to the right place.
At Best Air Duct cleaning Houston, we are trained in crawl space problems of all types. No matter what your issue is, we have experience and products that you need to find the best solution.
As crawl spaces are generally uninsulated and unheated, they need to be ventilated to prevent the accumulation of moisture which could lead to deterioration of the building fabric. This is similar to the ventilation that is required in cold roofs.
However, in the winter, these vents may be seen to allow cold air into the crawl space, which can then be drawn into the building above. In the summer they can result in moist air being drawn into the building which can make air conditioned buildings more expensive to cool. This can cause people to close the vents, resulting in the build up of moisture in the crawl space and problems such as mold growth, rot, buckling floors, sweating ducts and pipes, wetting of insulation resulting in reduced performance and so on. Problems can also occur when ventilation openings are removed, closed, filled, or covered by subsequent works.
The common problems connected with visible water in the crawl space / sub-floor void are caused by leaking groundwater through your crawl space walls that just lays there and soaks the soil floor. This wet earth gives rise to relative moisture and

when it is high it causes the following:

  • Mold to grow
  • Your floor and beam timber to rot
  • Provides an ideal environment for insects of all sorts to thrive
  • Causes bad smell
  • Waste energy by increasing heating costs
  • Can introduce all the above effects to upstairs rooms and throughout the whole house

Any and all of these things are likely to adversely affect the value of your property and to introduce costly repair bills.
So WHAT do we do?
For the groundwater we install a sump pump system (similar to that used for basement waterproofing) that is typically designed for use in crawl spaces and make sure the water leaking into the crawl space gets into it instead of ponding on the soil /earth surface.

The SmartSump comes fitted with a high quality pump and a lid and unique sump liner designed to accept the CleanSpace system, for an airtight seal. The SmartSump has a unique lid design so that any water from a plumbing leak fills the alarm pocket on the lid first, sounding a WaterWatch alarm that lets you know there is a plumbing water leak somewhere that must be dealt with.
For the wet walls and exposed earth we install the patented CleanSpace encapsulation system and for any open vents, we close them – permanently – with CleanSpace vent covers.
CleanSpace is formulated with the Ultra-Fresh anti-microbial agent to resist mold and bacteria growth.
Also, consider replacing any external access door with one of our strong and rot proof doors. Adds to the outside appearance of the property and never required any form of maintenance.

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We had a damp and damaged floor in our utility room. Several other companies came out and could not work out was was going wrong. I called Best Air Duct Cleaning Houston for Water Damage service and within 30 minutes they had identified the source of the leak and 24 hours later I was given a full report with the various options available to me. I agreed to the work and 48 hours later it was completed. Great job!”

Chuck O. Johnson

Technical support specialist

From designing through to installation and ongoing maintenance, everyone at Best Air Duct Cleaning Houston has been excellent for the entire period of trouble free operation. I can thoroughly recommend this Company.

Ronald D. Gibson

Teaching Assistant

I love my air conditioning and trust these guys to maintain it in fully working order. They are reliable, punctual, and neat, and I recommend Best Air Duct Cleaning Houston without reservation.

Thomas N. Drummond

Painting restorer

I genuinely really enjoy my visits and calls with the Air Conditioning Company. It’s a very welcoming, friendly and customer service orientated business with good kit and competitive prices. I use them every year for event hire.

Ernest H. Mirabal

Real property assessor

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